May The Fourth Be With You

Written by: Mary Best

Star Wars fans unite! May the fourth has become the day we celebrate all things Star Wars and is a fun nod to the saying “may the force be with you”. To be honest I went into a rabbit hole to create these ideas. It’s a trap! My pain is your gain. Nevertheless, here are great Star Wars themed ideas for your May the fourth celebrations.

This is an exciting day to celebrate the family, Luke, Leia and Darth, you know the whole gang.
Simple ways to celebrate: Send around a fun Gif and have some breakfast inspired by the family story. Create blue milk, order Rebel Alliance tattoos, and inspire folks to dress up.

Next level celebrations: Hire a Jedi trainer (Yes they exist). Have a movie marathon during lunch and serve Star Wars inspired options like Maz and Cheese, Jab-a-cado toast, wookie cookies or sticky buns (like Leia’s hair).

However you celebrate just don’t do it solo. May the fourth be with you.