Committed to Community: Eden Acquires OrgOrg

Written by: Mary Best

Eden acquires OrgOrg!

We have some very exciting news to share: Eden has acquired OrgOrg, the leading real-time social forum for Workplace professionals! Both Eden and OrgOrg are committed to being a resource for the office and people operations community, and we believe we can do this best by teaming up.

OrgOrg was founded seven years ago by Kim Rohrer, the company’s CEO, who felt that there was no place for those who manage an office (or the “Organization’s Organizers”) to find help. She built OrgOrg to be a safe and empowering place for fellow professionals to better serve their teams and build their careers by connecting and collaborating.

We teamed up with OrgOrg because we realized that hundreds of our customers already loved the community, and we felt that together, we could work to expand it and offer members even more benefits. Kim has wanted to evolve OrgOrg beyond its current Google Group for some time, and we are excited to work with Kim to migrate to a forum layout that is better suited for the long-term goals of her community. We are also very excited to announce that Kim and the OrgOrg team plan to host the first ever OrgOrg Conference in 2018.

OrgOrg’s strength is in its grassroots community, and it will continue to run as a private, sacred space for its members under Kim’s leadership. Nothing will change about the day to day community — the things we hope to incorporate over time are technology resources to help OrgOrg, grow members, create a robust library and curate deep relationships within one’s city.  

Eden and OrgOrg are committed to community and are excited for everything this wonderful partnership will bring. We would love to hear from you –– please let us know any other ways we can support OrgOrg’s continued success.  

Thank you,

Mary Best

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