Creative Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Written by: Mary Best

Mother’s Day is coming — make sure you celebrate all the moms in and out of the office.

  1. Create a card making station for employees to mail cards to their Mom.
    1. Supplies needed: cards, cardstock, scissors, glue sticks, stickers, pens galore, basket, mailing stamps and any other craft items you can think of.
    2. Place the card station in a common space and let the team know how to use it. Remind that you will be sending the cards on Wednesday, May 9th to ensure an on-time delivery.
    3. Make the station into an event by hiring a calligrapher (Yes – you can book via Eden) to come and teach hand lettering and have the team make homemade cards full of love.
  1. A Mother’s (and Father’s) benefits breakfast. Stock the table with bagels, avocado toast and maybe even a waffle bar and have a sit-down munch and learn about what benefits your companies offers to parents. Yes – your employees can access this information via the internal wiki but it’s nice to gather and discuss IRL. Have Moms and Dads who have used the benefits talk about them too. It is a great way to showcase your benefits and that your company is family friendly.
    1. Level up the breakfast with simple frames with photos of families from your office, flowers in mason jars, and a card station (see above).