13 Engaging Ideas for TYCTWD

Written by: Mary Best

Take your child to work day (TYCTWD) is the best day ever — for the kiddos. Hosting children in your office takes prep and planning to pull the day off without a hitch or lost child. Consider these tips to ensure that everyone enjoys your company’s kid-friendly day.

Extra set of hands. Parents have work to do, structure the day with activities the kids can do separate from their parents. Seek volunteers or hire babysitters to help.

Make the day open to all employees.Even if employees do not have children of their own, it’s an inspirational event for all involved. Allow employees to bring nieces, nephews and grandchildren. Consider asking employees to help out as well, many hands make light work, and your people will surprise you if you open the doors wide for volunteers and their ideas.

Theme the day. Create a fun theme for the day. If your company has an internal theme it is a fun way to keep the day on brand. Ie: Eden HQ Harry Potter themed so we have ‘A day at Hogwarts,’ kiddos take home hats, wands and learn new spells.

RSVP and create name badges. Have the caregivers/parents register kids. Have them submit a photo and create name badges and have them wear it on a lanyard — just like their parents. On the register, page be sure to ask for dietary restrictions.

Set up a photo booth. When the kids arrive have the kids and parents take photos and videos. Props to have are a briefcase, cell phone, coat jacket, tie, glasses, and laptop. Set up a couple Polaroid cameras or have a volunteer take short videos of the kids telling the camera what they believe their parents do.

Tour the office and departments. Have a designated team member from each department give a short overview of what their team does. This is a fun way to start the day and have the kids go from floor to floor seeing the entire office.

Brand redesign. Give each kid paper and have bins with markers, watercolors, stickers, construction paper, and glue. Show the kids the company’s current logo and ask them to create a new one. Hang them on a string with clothespins in a common area of the office.

Building projects. Have kids build a puppet theater, recreate the office with legos or make simple machines. Have a table for kids to display their work.
Craft station. Have a station with paper, glue, stickers, markers, etc available for the kids to create.

Tell the company story. Get the sales team involved to teach the art of pitching. Curate random items from around the office and have the kids sell and market the items.

Interview Skills. Leverage your recruiting team to come and tell best practices for nailing an interview. Skills like, firm handshakes, eye contact and selling your skills. Have the kids break up into small groups and practice. You can also have your employees interview the kids, asking them about their career goals.

Job shadowing Have the kids spend an hour shadowing someone in your company who does a job that interests them. This can give them a realistic view of the career.

Movie. The end of the day is hard for everyone. As the day winds down, put on a movie and dismiss the babysitters. Parents can wrap up emails and grab kids when they are ready.

Lunch and snacks. Have lunch time be with parents. Set up a sandwich station with fresh fruits and veggies. Order milk cartons and cups with lids. This might be overboard, but order these straws with the kids’ names in them.

Try to have the kids walk away with a well-rounded idea of what your company does. It should be a fun, yet educational experience for them. A parting gift is also nice, send the kids home with a shirt, tote bag, and puzzle.

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