8 Pi-Riffic Ways to Celebrate Pi Day in the Office

Written by: Mary Best

March 14th (3.14) — Pi Day — only happens once a year. And, even though it’s (quite) nerdy, it’s a fun reason to celebrate in the office. Here are some ways to celebrate Pi Day in your workplace.

  1. Pie for breakfast. Some people call quiche “breakfast pie.” Start your Pi Day off right by indulging in a savory pie.  Ask around to see who in your office has a great recipe and see if they’ll make enough for everyone.
  1. Send your clients some pie. Do you have some favorite clients who could benefit from a pie? Send them one. Better yet: deliver it yourself and wish them a happy Pi Day. This is a good opportunity to multiply the good vibes between you and your clients, and really make the pi love go full circle.
  1. Have a pi-memorization contest. Around lunchtime, have people engage in a test of memorization. Whoever accurately recite pi to the furthest number gets a reward of–you guessed it–pie!
  1. Play the Pie Face Game. This game is a spinoff of the game Jimmy Fallon plays with his guests on The Tonight Show. It will get messy, but it’s hilarious. You can find it at many retail box stores as well as Amazon.
  1. Go ahead, bake my day. Have a bake-off. Assign a team of judges and a scoring system. Channel the county fair and award ribbons to the top 3 company pies.
  1. Pie for lunch. There’s nothing better than a lunch pie. And, by lunch pie, I mean a pizza pie! Order in from your favorite pizza pie place or go out for a few slices to get a change of scenery.
  1. Pie at pie o’clock. Stop whatever you’re doing at 3:14 p.m. and eat pie! It’s around that time every day people run out of steam anyway. Give everyone a sugar boost to give them the energy to finish the afternoon.
  1. Pi Quiz. Pi is the ratio of the circumference over the diameter which is helpful to know if you give a pi-day quiz. Create a quiz (or use this one) and have folks spend time testing their Pi knowledge.

Even if you only engage in a handful of these Pi Day festivities, your team will have some nerdy, math-based fun and enjoy some pie together. You’re sure to have a Pi-riffic day!